Designed to boost your coffee menu. La Cimbali S30 can make up to 300 hot drinks every day.
Ideal for cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, conference centers

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La Cimbali S30

Designed to boost your coffee menu. La Cimbali S30 can make up to 300 hot drinks every day.
Ideal for cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, conference centers

Specification Overview

La Cimbali S30

Cups per day

+/- 300

Steam wand options

or TurboSteam 4


Wi-Fi & USB

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Performance capacity

The new super-automatic La Cimbali S30 offers an unparalleled experience and, thanks to its distinctive features, it encourages innovative interaction with the machine.

The endless customisation possibilities available through the revolutionary Touch Screen with a 10.4” inch display and the incredible variety of drinks make the S30 revolutionary in the world of super-automatic machines

La Cimbali S30 touchsceen

Quality in the Cup

Separate and independent boiler for the coffee that gives punctual and specific temperature control for an always perfect coffee. Pre-heated metal coffee group, to guarantee continuity of taste up to the last cup.

HQ Cold and Hot Frothed Milk

S30 can make hot and cold foamed milk and allows to create and extended menu with recipes based on coffee, chocolate, hot and cold frothed milk. Enjoy hot and cold milk foam as if it has been prepared by hand in the preferred consistency. Daily cleaning will be performed by Automatic Washing System.

La Cimbali S30 Bean To Cup Machine

Turbo Steam Cold Touch

The new TURBOSTEAM COLD TOUCH (TS CT) steam wand has an outer surface covered by a specific insulating and non-stick material that keeps it cold before, during and after the delivery of steam. This solution guarantees ease in cleaning by avoiding the presence of milk residues after use.

La Cimbali S30 with Turbosteam wand

New Grinders with PGS function

The first step to perfection is the quality in the cup of an excellent coffee. The Titanium S30 grinders – steel with PVD – are very robust and built to last. Another innovation is the PGS (Perfect Grinding System), which continuously monitors the coffee delivery parameters and automatically re-grinds and doses if necessary, so as to ensure consistency in delivery and optimal extraction quality.


An intelligent machine with bidirectional telemetry, remote control options and connection with the CUP4YOU app. The user experience is even easier, more practical and enjoyable thanks to the 10.4” touch screen.

La Cimbali S30 Bean To Cup Machine

Do you need coffee beans for your machine?

You can use whichever brand or roast of coffee you like in the equipment which we supply. That’s entirely up to you, we won’t tie you down. But…

If you are looking for some great coffee options to make amazing espresso based coffee drinks or even for bulk brewing we can point you in the right direction…. We work closely with the team at Paddy & Scotts to provide you with the right coffee to suit the taste you’re looking for at a price point you can work with.

If you’re looking for something unique, the team can help you with that too!

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