How do you like your coffee?

Taylor UK brings you Barista Tech, your complete coffee equipment solution.

Our mission is to solve your coffee problems. We work with some of the biggest names in the coffee equipment world so whether you need a traditional espresso machine, a fully automatic bean to cup machine, or the very latest in espresso technology.

Our goal is to find you the perfect equipment for your business and budget.

Barista Tech by Taylor UK

Do you need coffee beans for your machine?

You can use whichever brand or roast of coffee you like in the equipment which we supply. That’s entirely up to you, we won’t tie you down. But…

If you are looking for some great coffee options to make amazing espresso based coffee drinks or even for bulk brewing we can point you in the right direction…. We work closely with the team at Paddy & Scotts to provide you with the right coffee to suit the taste you’re looking for at a price point you can work with.

If you’re looking for something unique, the team can help you with that too!

Paddy and Scott Coffee